Sunday, April 10, 2011


Stand-up paddleboarding, AKA SUP'ing, has become a popular leisurely activity as well as competitive event on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Last May, the First Annual Stand-Up Paddle Championship was held at Madeira Beach.  This year’s event is scheduled in Madeira Beach at the end of this month, check out  SUP’ing has taken off in Florida!
I went SUP’ing for the first time one week ago with an experienced friend, who spent many days SUP’ing amongst the waves of Hawaii.  Not only was this a new experience for me, it was also surprising for my friend!  Being used to riding the rough swirling waves of HI, my buddy was quite surprised, and almost bored! 
Although the Gulf Coast waters are flat, SUP’ing continues to be a workout!  The moment I was able to find my balance on the board, I immediately felt the muscles of my core working and pumping.  Surprisingly, my shoulders and arm exhaustion were secondary to the aching arches of my feet from gripping the board so tightly for the sole purpose of not embarrassing myself with a fall!  After all, we were SUP’ing along the Gulf Coast of beach-goers in April!
Studies show that the most common injuries from SUP’ing are upper musculoskeletal in nature, AKA shoulder, elbow, and arm tendonitis -- from paddling, of course.  No surprise to me, tendonitis of the feet and/or ankles is a close second!  The feet attempt to find the balance on your board, and react abruptly to centralize your body, gravity, and forces to keep your body on the board.  If your core is weak, your feet are the first to respond, and the first to compensate for and pick up the slack of your core balance problems.  Foot and ankle cramping, aching, pain, and tendonitis follow!
For more information on how to properly safeguard your feet and ankles against injuries from Paddleboarding/SUP’ing, email Dr. Malinoski via her website at
It’s not as simple as flipping onto your head when your feet and ankles ache!! My experienced friend ‘SUP’ing’ last week)…




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